Ignorance is taught…..

The other day I was sitting on my parents patio at their apartment building where their  pool is closed. Maintenance says it is because there is a very nasty bacteria they can’t seem to get rid of in it. It has been closed for the last couple of weeks…..but that is  usual summer time stuff right, right. Here is the kicker…. while I sat out on the patio a woman drives up to the pool area and her children stumble out of the car one by one like a clowns at a circus, big ones, little ones all kinds of kids ya get me. Then here she comes stomach hanging (literally hanging) out the bottom of her shirt, smacking the side of her weave on her cell phone. Now the signs are all around the gates of pool.. “Closed”, “No Trespassing”, but what do the children do, begin the hop the fence and proceed to undress and get into the pool. Now right here I would have stopped my children and said the pool is closed and got back into the car and proceeded to go home, but no this mother helps her smaller children over the gate and continues with her phone conversation…..WTFlapjack is really going on? I think to myself this is why our children are disrespectful. This is why they  have no respect for authority and rules. We teach them not too. I know she sees all of the signs posted on the gate and I know most of her children are big enough to read but they ignore the sign and do what they want anyway. We have to do better by our children, what is this woman teaching her babies? Do they think, does she think this is helping them? What they are learning is despite what the rules say it is ok to ignore them if it benefits you. Even if ignoring the rules can harm you if it makes you happy right now it’s ok. Yea it is hot so go ahead hop the fence and swim in bacteria infested water. Ugggh, then we wonder why our children speak to their elders like trash, we wonder why others treat us like garbage. We wonder why so many of our children grow up and end up in prisons. Because we have taught them that breaking the rules is ok. I watch mothers allow their children to hop this fence day in and day out and I think really where mommies do that at. Here I guess, everywhere but that does not make it ok. Don’t be ignorant, don’t raise your children to be ignorant and then wonder where you went wrong in twenty years.I can tell you right now where you went wrong, when you helpel them over that fence. I can’t fade ignorance. Can you?


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