Surviving the Game – Part 3 -Mr. ESLD – The Villian

Greetings & Blessings to all that find the time

Thank you to all my loyal blog followers for returning to check me out once again. I truly appreciate you for following my story, I blog what I feel, what I have felt and hope that you the reader can get something from it and use it to help your game. So a few years went by, I had two children, a boy and a girl and they were wonderful. My husband and I were best friends and we as a family had a lot of fun together. My health never was a question in my mind. I had no symptoms of my illness showing up again. Yes, it was smooth sailing. So the years went by and eventually I changed my Doctors so that they were closer to my new residence. Naturally I informed my new physicians of my health history and they wanted a full work up of their own. So I began the normal series of appointments and tests to assure the Doc’s of what they were in fact dealing with. I was referred to a Gastroenterologist (a specialist in the illnesses dealing with the liver, kidneys, intestines, stomach) you get me. So I went to see the Gastro Dr. and he ordered his own list of tests. I won’t go into specifics, but the result is that I was fine. A couple of years after that my husband and I decided we wanted another addition to our already wonderful family. So we began trying for a new baby. Needless to say it did not take long. I had a OB/GYN that I had been referred to by my family doctor. I began to see her before my pregnancy so she was also familiar with my health history and my illness. I was over the moon excited about the new pregnancy, still I worried about my history and whether my illness would affect it. Soon, I began to notice a difference in this pregnancy than my first two. I was a lot bigger, than I was before and I carried big as it is. But I truly looked as though I was having multiples, even my OB said that I was really big. She repeatedly sent me for ultrasounds to make sure that I was not carrying twins or more. She sent me for diabetes tests, the whole kit and kaboodle. She said whoa he is gonna be a big baby, another ultrasound revealed not so big baby. A lot of extra fluid. Extra fluid, OK. Anyway time went on and I noticed those signs and symptoms that I dreaded. My AIH was back and I was scarred. I informed her of the feeling and symptoms I had been having and told her that I needed a blood test to confirm my feeling. She agreed to order the blood test, but when the test came back she said that I was fine, that my hormones probably kicked up a little fuss with my liver, but that I had nothing to worry about. Are you sure?, I asked because I dealt with this a long time and I knew what to look for.But she assured me that I would and my baby would be fine. So I have my baby, after carrying extremely big and swollen feet for the last 3 months. I have him, but there are a few problems. I would not stop bleeding and I had all this extra fluid and they were not sure why. I may possibly need a transfusion. My baby and I have jaundice, can all this really be happening? It was. But he was here 10 fingers, 10 toes and strong lungs. I was happy, but I was sick, extremely sick and I would not know it for 10 more months. Fast forward to the day before Thanksgiving, I was at work and things were going as they normally would for a workday . But for the last month or so I began to notice things that lead me to make an appointment with my family Dr. Though I never made it because that day before the holiday, I had chest pain and decided to go home early to rest. But my husband, thank Yahweh for my husband, he insisted that I go to the emergency room to get my chest checked out. I do it to satisfy him but I an confident nothing is wrong. I just need some rest. But I get there and something is wrong. The villian is here to wreak havoc. Mr. ESLD. for short, he is mean, unrelenting, merciless and he is a stone to the bone KILLER. For those that are not familiar with him, he is End Stage Liver Disease. He is inside me and has claimed me for his own. He wants to kill me. That day began my real fight to win this game. I got weaker each day that passed, Mr. ESLD wanted me bad, but I would not let him win. I could not let him win. Though with each day that passed I was dying, he was gaining points, he was killing me. I would not give up. I would not die. I needed 1 up, I needed a new life. As I looked at my family and my friends with fear in their faces. I knew that he was getting what he wanted. But I had not made it this far, married this wonderful man, made these beautiful babies, to let him beat me. As I stated I am a gamer from the Nintendo era and I hated to lose and this was no different. This was the most important game ever. I had everything to lose and everything to gain. As Christmas drew near, I never faltered in my belief that I would win. Finally I got my level up, I was offered a new liver and I happily accepted, two days later I had a liver transplant and a new life. I had won my game. I’d won my life back, I’d won my husband and children back, my parents and brother back. My grandfather, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends back and they got me back. I was back and Mr. ESLD was gone. I had beaten him, but in my mind and in my heart there was never any doubt that I wouldn’t. Like I said I am a gamer! The end of this game. New Game! Let’s Play!


catch me Wed. Feb 1. 2012 for something a lil lighter




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